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      1. 本館概況


          棲心圖書館位于著名的近代臨濟宗中興祖庭、觀音道場、全國重點寺院——七塔禪寺內,是浙東地方文獻收藏中心、浙東佛教文獻收藏中心,也是寧波地區佛教文獻最為豐富的圖書館。館舍為2016 年竣工的寺院西側擴建工程的主體部分,仿傳統四合院式,既古樸典雅,又富有現代氣息。館舍地面兩層分別為讀者服務與閱覽區及圖書儲藏分區等,地下負一層為重要歷史文獻書庫。 

          棲心圖書館于2017 年4 月23 日“世界讀書日”正式對外開放,面向讀者提供服務。圖書館現館藏紙質圖書8萬余冊,包括歷史、哲學、宗教、文學、藝術、政治、軍事、經濟、醫學、倫理、社會,以及包括地方佛教文獻在內的地方文獻等類別,計劃2025 年前突破 15 萬冊。 


        QiXin (means take a break for your heart) Library is located beside Seven Pagoda Temple, which is famous as LinJi school ancestral chamber, GuanYin temple, as well as one of the top national temples in China. QiXin Library is the biggest local literature and buddhist literature collecting center in Ningbo. The main part of the library is located on the west side of the temple and was completed in 2016. Through transformation of the traditional quadrangle courtyard, QiXin Library is plain, elegant and full of modern flavor. The ground floor and the first floor are respectively for the reader service, reading area and book storage partition, important historical documents are placed in the underground 1st floor.

        QiXin Library was opened on “The World Book Day” which is on 23rd April 2017, and provide book service for readers. There are 40,000 of printed books in the library, including history, philosophy, religions, literature, art, medicine, ethics, politics, military, economics, society and local buddhist literature. Before 2025, the collections in the library will be developed to 150,000 copies.

        QiXin Library aims at read the classics, inherit the civilization, broaden the horizon, and enlighten the wisdom. Meanwhile, it insists on scientific service, academic research, in order to promote humanities and social sciences, Buddhism philosophy included. QiXin Library not only enlarges its collection, also actively develops the construction of E-book information center. Except officialholidays, QiXin Library opens from Monday afternoon to Sunday, 63 hours in all a week.




        時間:周一至周五 9:00—20:00 周六至周日:9:00—17:00

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